Welcome to Indian Public School

Our institution believes that every child is uniquely gifted and talented, we provide academic environment which Is conducive for discovering and expressing the innate genius of every student. We are committed to ignite the young minds to think creatively, act collectively and live purposefully, we strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful and happy life.

Imagination, Innovation and inspiration are the resources we rely on to create glorious future for our students and community, country and the world.

About Us


Indian Public School (IPS) situated in Kolar, Karnataka, Founder and Chairman Mr. Chandrappa. Secretary Mr Naveesh Kumar C and President Ms MamathaK,progresses on the philosophy of non-compromising quality and affordable education, and teaching based on multiple intelligences. The Management Committee, Director-Academic Excellence Ms.Meena Kumari, Principal Mr.Jaron Cruz along with the dedicated team have left no stone unturned towards imparting innovative teaching practices.

    The main intentions of innovative teaching at IPS are to:
  • Connect students to a global network of learners and exposing them to newer perspectives.
  • Accommodate variety of learning styles.
  • Prepare a framework for teacher performance and providing continuous training, focused class observations and constructive feedback.
  • Develop effective lesson plans based on activity-based teaching strategies.
  • Include exploratory and experiential learning experiences in the classrooms.
  • Plan teaching based on multiple intelligences, Bloom’s domains and as per the expectations of NEP 2020.
  • Learner engagement was based on the 5 Es approach – Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, evaluate for every concept taught.

We, at IPS believe that learners must be taught how to think, and not what to think. Special focus was planned for skill development through online mode of learning. The P-A-R (Practise, Apply, Reflect) approach was able to make a difference in daily teaching transactions. Several creative activities are planned in language subjects to enhance the language curriculum, help students to become expressive and to improve language skills. Projects for all subjects are highly practical and related to their daily life experiences and observations. Minimum class strength, individualised learning programmes, hands-on activities are all highly beneficial to the progression of learning curve.

IPS has been able to develop an equitable, inclusive learning and student support environment that increased students’ confidence, skills to face and outshine challenging environment in the society and rebuild the social fabric of students to restore learning while retaining the community connect. We have managed to provide quality education to the rural area to cater to the basic needs of education made it affordable and reachable by all.

At IPS, learning walks are designed based on the learning progression within a concept. This includes horizontal curriculum planning and interdisciplinary approaches. The annual plans are well designed and intertwined with a wide range of activities and assessments linked to the concepts. Thanks to the in-house training by higher authorities in the campus and CBSE directives, there has been enough clarity among the teachers about understanding the learners, their modes of learning, different needs and abilities. This could have been impossible, had it not been the efforts and team spirit of all involved. Along with academic growth, the teaching and non-teaching staff are scaling professional growth in terms of acquiring soft skills, etiquettes and leadership skills.

Better teaching leads to better learning, better student performance, holistic development of learners, positive parental feedback. Every stakeholder of IPS deserves credit and gratitude in this regard.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to nurture a generation that is proud of the country by contributing positively to this world with knowledgeable thinkers, generous servants, and with confidence. Our goal is to help children discover their inner strengths and provide them with an environment that helps them grow and develop as good social beings. Indian Public school aims to provide learner-centric education for children so that they can reach their full potential in all areas of education they want to pursue and build a better world. We encourage you to participate in this journey in different ways by learning with us, working on your thoughts and spirits, and sharing your learning experience. With the belief that "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world," we focus on the overall development of our children, empowering them and taking responsibility and are working on building a school that will enable a child to become a viable citizen


Our mission:

We aspire to create outstanding organisation that promote educational excellence, character development and service to communities. We believe that each child is an individual with varying needs. By fostering a conducive environment full of care and creativity, we are committed to instil in each student a desire to learn with emphasis on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual developmental aspects, thereby bestowing the necessary traits such as resilience, adaptability, and knowledge for achieving the highest standards of achievement. Education at Indian Public School is a relentless quest for excellence, for the fullest possible development of a student`s personality and potential viz. academic, spiritual, moral, social, and physical are the key endeavours. We are also eyeing upon providing such a resourceful learning environment where students can develop into “Citizens of the World”. We firmly believe that every child is an individual with different needs. By fostering a feasible environment full of care and creativity, we instil and resilience in all students the desire to learn with an emphasis on social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development aspects. We are committed to instilling the necessary qualities such as adaptability and knowledge to achieve the highest standards of performance.


Why Choose Our Institution?

Our Aim

“EMPOWERING INDIVIDUALS" ensures overall personality development as well as academic performance.”

Facilitators with experience and qualifications

A vital component of teaching and learning dynamics innovation”

We Believe

“Exploring unlimited creativity in ourselves and others is at the heart of education”